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I wanted to take a moment to let others know what an amazing experience I had with Lisa.  I was hesitant to start health coaching for a variety of reasons; however, I am so glad that I made this investment in myself.  First, Lisa is so organized and professional.  All communication from her was clear and everything was laid out for me.  She is an amazing listener and was able to perfectly capture our conversation.  She sorted through all of my emotional ramblings and put them together in a cohesive and clear summary.  When selecting health goals, there was absolutely no coercion or judgment.  Lisa gently guided and shaped goals based on what I wanted and never pushed anything on me.  The text check-ins are “gold”!  Knowing that you have someone cheering you on helped keep me focused on my goals.  Also, Lisa was very good at highlighting and celebrating the “small wins” that I probably would have overlooked.  It was so helpful to have someone to be a supporter and keep me accountable.  This consistency helped me to slowly form some new habits that have supported my health.  It surprised me that ½ to ¾ of the way through the month I had started to unconsciously implement some of the healthy habits that I was working on which showed what a big difference sticking with small habits over time can be.  Since I started working with Lisa, I have reached the goals we set and as a result, have seen an improvement in my physical and emotional health.   More importantly, as we talked, I was able to uncover some deeper feelings that may have been sabotaging me from reaching my health goals in the past.

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