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Control What You Can

When it comes to taking back your health and limiting the likelihood of developing a chronic disease- try to control what you can (meaning areas, activities, and habits that you HAVE control over) when you can. So… what are some of the things we can control when it comes to our health?

🍽 Education!! Educate yourself…Especially on the ingredients in your food, toiletries and household cleaning items. Read up on the drugs your doctor wants to prescribe you, search for holistic alternatives for common ailments and chronic conditions such as constipation, fatigue and difficulty sleeping.

🍽 Begin making small changes to your habits and lifestyle (one step at a time)

🍽 Hire a health coach or other wellness professional for support

🍽 Start to cook at home more often

🍽 Eliminate/reduce the amount of fast food you are eating

🍽 READ ingredient labels

🍽 Reduce the number of processed foods you consume

🍽 Shop wisely and LOCAL- eat more fresh real food that does not come in a package

🍽 LISTEN to your body- every symptom is your body’s way of communicating with you, don’t ignore it, be proactive

🍽 Get daily sunshine and movement


There is SOOOOO much we actually do have control over, despite what we have been told regarding our health and the prevention of disease. You can take back control of how you feel, if you are willing to put in the time and effort, but you don’t have to do it alone. Contact me to complete a FREE exploratory consultation to see if health coaching might be the tool you need to control what you can…when you can 😁 #fromtheinsideout #healthcoach #healthcoachtips #healthcoachlife #eattherainbow #eatrealfood #nutrientdense #healthyswaps #healthyeating #superfoods #naturalhealth #wellness #healthyfood #eatmoreveggies #eatmorefruit #knowledge #healthylifestyle #homecooking #getridofthejunk #prioritizesleep #exercise #pillarsofhealth #goalsetting #accountability #discipline #hardwork #healthiswealth

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