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Inflammation-the root cause of all disease

Are you suffering from a diagnosis with -itis in the name (such as arthritis, gastritis, bursitis, etc.)?? While they affect different parts of the body (joints, stomach lining, and knee respectively) the root cause is the same for ALL conditions ending in -itis: and that’s INFLAMMATION. Many of these diagnoses can improve dramatically when you begin removing acidic causing foods and begin replacing them with alkaline producing ones. One of the first things I discovered on my journey through the research and information I was gathering for my mom’s disease was that food is either acid forming or alkaline producing in the body. The food we take in everyday either results in inflammation and congestion (ultimately resulting in disease), or facilitates detoxification and balance to occur in the body (promoting health and longevity). I like to use the crowding out approach with my clients: start crowding your plate with alkaline forming foods (natural, fresh, whole fruits and vegetables, herbs, seeds, etc.) and in the process you will have less room for acidic foods (packaged, highly processed carbohydrates, dairy and other food-like substances). The more alkaline your intake becomes the less inflammation you will have in the body which results in a decrease in symptoms and increase in wellness.

The dinner plate pictured has grilled mahi mahi with Portobello mushrooms, cauliflower, spinach, zucchini and pickled beets- YUM! When you are beginning to increase the amount of vegetables on your plate use different kinds to make the process easy and less time consuming, such as buying store bought fermented vegetables (which are great for digestion and natural probiotics as well as one less veggie you have to prepare), frozen organic veggies (to decrease prep and cooking time- I love peas, cauliflower rice, and carrots to name just a few), and fresh veggies- which you can buy already chopped for a little more money at many grocery stores if you are looking to save time. You will likely begin to feel better and experience less symptoms as you begin to decrease inflammation which ultimately will transform your health…from the inside out! #fromtheinsideout #healthcoach #fromtheinsideouthealthcoach #healthcoachtips #healthcoachlife #eattherainbow #eatrealfood #decreaseacidicfoods #boostalkalinity #selfcare #healthyeating #naturalhealth #wellness #healthyfood #healthylifestyle

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